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Mr. Perhe LLC Handyman and Home Services is one the most competitive companies with regard to rate, experience, and quality. With our commitment to excellence, we have set prices for certain items (see pricing below). We charge a flat rate of $65.00 per hour for all miscellaneous services (like Honey-do lists etc.), with a 1-hour minimum. That means if your project takes 1.25 hours, the charge will reflect such time ($81.25). If you combine services it will reduce the overall price of your projects by up to 20%-25%.

We do charge for travel time over 25 miles ($0.62 per mile) per visit to project site. However, customers may opt to arrange a flat rate for travel over the course of the project. Mr. Perhe LLC also charges a mark up materials (approx. 15%) for all material that we need to pick up and transport to the project site. Time and Materials is the most fair way to bill for our services, but Mr.Perhe LLC does accommodate our customers with a fair estimate for the entire job before the technicians commences work; this promotes mutual respect and long-term loyalty in the working relationship. For projects that require rush services and need to be completed after normal business hours (after 5PM or on Saturday), there will be a charge of $95.00 per hour. To help give you an idea of potential costs, we have listed some general time estimates for your convenience. Please keep in mind these are meant to be for estimating purposes only, not guarantees. There is also a list of my set prices for certain items. Feel free to contact us with any questions

1-2 hours: change thermostat, fix leaky pipe, hang pictures
 2-3 hours: hang shelves, repair drywall
 3-4 hours: hang door, repair wood, replace window
 4+ hours: repair wall and paint, add heating & air register, wiring for home theater.

Estimated Project Proposals:

  • Install Garbage Disposal: $125
  • Hang Fan (standard height): $90

  • Hang Fan (2nd story): $250
  • Install Hall Light: $65

  • Hang Dining Room Chandelier: $90

  • Hang Foyer Chandelier (2nd story): $350

  • Hang TV (includes power & 1 HDMI cable): $300
  • Change Toilet Flush Valve: $75
  • Reset Toilet Tank: $90
Install Toilet: $125

  • Install Kitchen Faucet: $90

  • Install Bathroom Faucet: $75
*Set pricing includes incidental materials, but does not include large items like actual lights, fans, tv’s, toilets etc.

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is simple. It is exactly what we expect of the companies we do business with in our personal and professional lives.

We will:

Be Prompt, Professional, and Courteous100%
Work to meet your expectations.100%
Serve you with Integrity100%

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